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#44653 The art of the Ki

Posted by Ai the Red Queen on 24 March 2008 - 03:26 AM in Creative Stuff!

Your artwork is AMAZING~!!!
Though I wonder how long a NiGHTS Rappy would play dead...?
Before it runs away...

Or would it EVEN run away...?
It could give you nightmares... XD

#44395 Post your Fan Marens?

Posted by Ai the Red Queen on 21 March 2008 - 05:25 AM in Creative Stuff!

I have 5 Fanmarens... 3 of which are more/supposed to be used more frequently than others...
As all three of them bicker like children over a cookie
The chibi maren in the picture below is my main Fanmaren, TRiCK The CHESHiRE:

Posted Image

Posted Image
And above are 4/5 of my marens, PRAMViE is the only one I didn't add in the sketch...
From the upper left clockwise: TRiCK, PYXiS, iSHTAR/Bravada , and Syncerati.

#37617 Ai's NiGHTSwork

Posted by Ai the Red Queen on 25 January 2008 - 05:47 PM in Creative Stuff!

Oh my I realy like your maren TRiCK, he kinda reminds me of my maren DiSCORD just cause of the black and green ^^. Could I draw him some time?

Oh~! I like DiSCORD~!

We could... Do an Arttrade~! n_n <3333

#37545 Ai's NiGHTSwork

Posted by Ai the Red Queen on 25 January 2008 - 02:41 AM in Creative Stuff!

Aww, I gotta say for a human shaped maren it looks unique though his tail doesn't look very connected (whether that was intentional idk).
You sure the last one isn't scary <_< Bwahaaha!

It's attached to him~
Buuut he's a maren, anything can happen with those blokes~
Disney's Cheshire cat could take off his own limbs~
(Actually he could use his tail as a weapon...)

And Wizeman thinks the picture is scary~ XDD

#37384 Ai's NiGHTSwork

Posted by Ai the Red Queen on 24 January 2008 - 07:48 AM in Creative Stuff!

Okay... so I'm much too shy to put up my oldest artwork but~

This is my main fanmaren, TRiCK the CHESHiRE (most recent full-sized drawing)

Posted Image
A playful maren who isn't a great flyer, his strength comes from dissappearing and reappearing, (just like the real cheshire cat~) The eyes on his ankles and top of his jacket CAN move... he can see with them.
He does obey Wizeman, though... it is true when curiousity hits a cat... as he has beome interested in a young visitor named Cericia, his always watching you nightmares seem to... well make her happy.

Other Photos of TRiCK
Posted ImagePosted Image

My only other non TRiCK picture that's not scary~
Posted Image

#37383 Hello Hello~!

Posted by Ai the Red Queen on 24 January 2008 - 07:25 AM in Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone~!
My name's Aizoku, or Ai

I've been snooping around her at times (I think about 3-4 months) and now that I have my own computer, I decided to join!
I don't have the first NiD game, but I did buy JoD... I'm still getting used to the controls~

I love to Draw, roleplay and listen to music... ESPECIALLY pieces with violins in it (I play alittle~)
I'd love to say more but sadly I have a College class early tommarow so I must be going~