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#32981 Possible Project, does any-one appove?

Posted by C-Puff on 30 December 2007 - 11:06 PM in Creative Stuff!

well this is what I was thinking (Although this is still very vague and I haven't done any thumbnails for it yet)

0 The Fool - NiGHTS Dualizing with one of the Dreamers.
Reason: Because of the "Beginnings of a Journey which could be physical, spiritual or mental" I thought One of the children dualizing with NiGHTS (Drawn to appea they'redoing it for the first time) might translate this well. Mostly inspired by the image in the Opening Cust scene of Will Dualizing with NiGHTS, looking nervous and uncertain by going for it. The fact that they're dualizing would also double for the meaning of Force and Power as NiGHTS needs to Dualize with a Dreamer/visitor in order to gain the power he needs etc. If I read over the positive meanings of The Fool I can easily picture how that could work in a Dualizing picture. The meaning translator I glimpsed at says:

"Beginnings, most probably of journeys which may be possibly mental, physical or spiritual. The beginning of a new life-cycle. Energy, force, happiness and optimism. The overturning of the status quo or existing states by unexpected happenings. Innocence, naivety, and spontaneity. Important decisions to be made."

However I will look at other meanings as well to get a broader idea and not get a boxed in idea of what the card may mean in one person's opinion. I will also read the story behind the cards obvious 83

#32796 Possible Project, does any-one appove?

Posted by C-Puff on 30 December 2007 - 05:21 AM in Creative Stuff!


(Edit: 800th Post! W00T!)

XDDDDD Well OBVIOUSLY~!! That's actually the thing that STARTED all this was me looking at NiGHTS and going "You in Tarot, He'd probaby be The Fool"

#32696 Possible Project, does any-one appove?

Posted by C-Puff on 29 December 2007 - 12:20 PM in Creative Stuff!

make sure to carefully check out the meanings of Major Arcana - not just the usual meanings, but also when the card is turned up-side down.

I am a tarot user so I know the cards pretty well, but I plan on doing my research yes 83 don't worry about that~ <3

#32675 Possible Project, does any-one appove?

Posted by C-Puff on 29 December 2007 - 07:18 AM in Creative Stuff!

I'm not entirely sure this is the right topic place thing to post this in but I didn't know where else to post it.
Now first of all I am a horrible procrastinator, I do not have anything besides Photoshop elements at this time, and I'm at a school with a heavy work load so I have no idea if I'll finish this or even get around to it, but I'm toying with the idea for as long as it interests me:
Ok enough waffling.

I was thinking, NiGHTS is a very symbolic game and its fanbase is pretty open minded about things such as dreams and dreamcatchers etc. So I was thinking, should I toy around with a NiGHTS Tarot deck? Just the Major arcana obviously (I'm not masochistic enough to do all 76 cards)
Not for serious use obviously (I'm not fond of Tarot decks featuring specific things) but I think it would be fun to try and find things in the NiGHTS universe that can have a meaning in Tarot as well. I have some ideas for some of the cards already.

So.. ..what do you think? I'm such a newbie and I'd appreciate any ideas and suggestions. 83 I don't normally take offense from helpful critisism. or at least I try not to.
Am I toying around with something too freaky even for the NiGHTS fanbase? Has it been done already? is it quite COMMON actually?

#32674 Your beginnings in NiGHTS fandom.

Posted by C-Puff on 29 December 2007 - 07:03 AM in Poll Area

My Friend clued me in on it, and showed me TRiPPY's art. Nuff sed 83

#32672 The Ending

Posted by C-Puff on 29 December 2007 - 06:52 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

That'd be great 8D
Maybe it's something you get if you completely WIPE the game. That is to say all As with everything AND Dreamdrops AND .....whatever else there is one does completely.

#32522 The Ending

Posted by C-Puff on 28 December 2007 - 08:39 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Just saw the end scene for both Will and Helen and, although I am brand spanking new to NiGHTS in all aspects I hope this means I can give something of a "fresh" opinion.

Firstly, I want to say that although the ending tore my heart out (And I'm not even a fangirl yet XDD but I am slowly turning into one and that ending did nothing to stop that) Anyway, although the ending was wonderfully sad and the game is insanely fun to play... there are a lot of technical faults with it. (Just hear me out, I'm not flaming the game, just read on)
Firstly Helen's voice acting is... ..terrible. I'm sorry there's no other word for it. Secondly, here and there I feel that some-one in change of the main idea of the game knew what they were doing but by the time that part of the project was handed down the hierarchy at the studio the subordinates didn't really "get it" as such. So they tried to do what they THOUGHT was expected and right along the lines of "We are making a kiddies' game ahur 8B" and lost the plot of the bigger dream if you will of what NiGHTS actually is. It's a very deep, meaningful concept. It is simple, and not completely clear, and vague, and sad and beautiful and it purposefully tells us very little so that we can see more of ourselves in it and less of the creators which is why NiGHTS is such a personal game and why it strikes such a deep chord with its fans. But those handling the nitty gritty parts of it, voice acting, motion capture, Cut scene animation etc, were confused by this. "We're making a game about two children who meet a strange creature and have to save Nightopia but... they're not GIVING US ENOUGH. ...oh well. it's just a kiddy game after all. We don't need to be very specific. Kids don't think after all"
And so a lot of this gets a little lost here and there in the game in some places. It's like the larger dream is butting heads with those who are, sadly, narrow minded and only seeing that they are making a game for what they think are a children audience.
Because of this some things were not interpreted right from the bigger dream.

..... I will end this gushy mush now XD;;

#32424 Newbie extraordinaire, any-one have any tips?

Posted by C-Puff on 27 December 2007 - 08:51 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Thanks XD I was finally able to beat her (The first time you face her) With 8 seconds to spare XDDD

I also went out and bought myself a classic controller which has made a world of difference. With th nunchuk I was frustrated up to the point of being put off of playing simply because it was really new and confusing to me. However although I'm still the biggest idiot you'd ever see playing the game I'm now addicted to playing XDD thank you so much for the advice guys! <3

#32218 Newbie extraordinaire, any-one have any tips?

Posted by C-Puff on 26 December 2007 - 08:47 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Thank you 8D I'll give that a try once I get a turn again XD; *Not my console*
My roommate has a Gamecube so I'll give it a go once we're back at the flat 83 otherwise I'll try getting use to the nunchuk because she's being playing more than me and she's finding it to work fine XD;; as I said, most likely it's just me

Anyway~ thank again!

#32177 Newbie extraordinaire, any-one have any tips?

Posted by C-Puff on 26 December 2007 - 08:00 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

You now... the one where you have to tilt the board and make the cat balls fall into those holes? It's the second Boss you have to fight in the gladd castle level. It kicked my can on the first fight and my friend had trouble when fighting him/her as the last boss of the level.
Does any-one have any advice or tips on how to beat him/her?

Also, I'm having a bit of trouble with how the game's controls work. I assume it might just be because I am not use to it at all yet, but does any-one know which controller is the best for playing NJoD? I've been using the Nunchuk, I tried using the remote controller but that was even worse. What is every-one else using to play?

#32176 How do you make mepians?

Posted by C-Puff on 26 December 2007 - 07:47 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Oh thank you Apti! Me and my friend have been trying to throw them against each other in the "My Dream" world XD Poor Pians

#32175 A shy hello

Posted by C-Puff on 26 December 2007 - 07:45 AM in Introduce Yourself

Thank you every-one X33 I'm so happy to receive such a warm welcome 8'3
I just started playing Journey of Dreams today, it's a lot harder than I though XD;;

Anyway thank you ever-one ^o^ I hope I will have a a great time here as well as exploring NJoD <3

#31987 A shy hello

Posted by C-Puff on 24 December 2007 - 07:40 AM in Introduce Yourself

I just wrote a very long message but my internet explorer deleted it 8'<
Let's see... *sighs, disheartened by this*

Hi. I'm C-Puff.
I have only learnt WHO and WHAT NiGHTS is this year due to the fact that I have been living in South Africa for 20 years now. I only moved to Canada in August this year to study, but I had spotted NiGHTS many years before.
A few years ago, I believe I was 16, I was on a large Sonic buzz. We never got the Sega Saturn. the first console we ever got was the PSone. We got the Gamecube and the PS2, but we did not get the N64. We got the PS3 and the Xbox 360. But we still haven't gotten the Wii and I am beginning to doubt we will. Well anyway, I was on a Sonic Buzz, and because we did not get the Archie Sonic comics I was searching for scans of it online. I could not find full comic scans everywhere, but I had found a website with "highlight scans" on a website I cannot remember any more. Anyway while on there I spotted a cover scan of the NiD Archie comic (Which I believe is terrible) However, not knowing ANYTHING about NiGHTS I thought it was the most awesome looking thing ever. I remember staring at it in want, not knowing WHAT it was. I did not know it was a game, I only knew of the comic. and because we did not get Archie comics I knew I would never be able to read it (which, in hindsight, is probably a good thing. If I had read what I hear is a horrible comic it might have put me off NiGHTS before I even knew what s/he was) anyway. eventually I gave up on the strange reature in his purple jester's outfit floating above a sparkly city.
Then, in August of 2007 I came to Canada to Study to become a 2D animator. My good friend here was flabbergasted to find out I had never heard of NiGHTS into Dreams. She has been a long time Fan of the game and actually own a copy of the first one even if she does not have a Sega Saturn (she uses an emulator on her PC, the game copy is legit though) She quickly filled me in and pointed me in the Direction of TRiPPY's astounding art. I took one look at TRiPPY's work and I was hooked. I began finding more out about the game, and I am still discovering and finding things out, slowly and nervously. the fanbase is pretty intense and I don't know how accepting you guys are of fresh meat.
I have not played the first game as I have a MAC and the emulator is for a PC. My friend is not very found of me using her PC, and I prefer using a controller over keyboard any day.
However, how lucky am I? To find this new game (which I believe is rated number 15 of top 100 games of all time?) JUST as it's about to resurface after a 11 year wait? It's almost like fate or something.

As for what I like, I am an avid Invader Zim fan. Or rather, an Avid fan of my Spin-off of the Invader Zim universe. My favourite characters are Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple. Ugh. I have too much to say about that XD;; without trying to spam, just check out my dA page.
I am also a big fan of Terry Pratchett. my favourite books of his are Night Watch and The Truth. Sam Vimes is my favourite character although recently I'm warming up to Rob Anybody a lot.
I like SPECIFIC anime and Manga. That is to say I am more often than not very fond of anime. But the ones I DO like I really like. Such as Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Princess Ai, and some Miyazaki. Specifically Spirited away, Nausicaa of the valley of the wind and, my favourite, Laputa, castle in the sky.
One of my favourite games is Kingdom Hearts. (GODS, I sound like SUCH a generic Fangirl. I am not I swear.)
My favourite Movie is The Little Mermaid and Stardust.

XD;; I like a lot of things, but this is turning into a monster of an entry.

I hope I can get more into the game and become a big fan 83 please don't eat me scary fanbase 8'< *cowers*