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#34652 They're getting rowdy o_o

Posted by Lavos on 08 January 2008 - 08:24 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

So today I go into my My Dream to check up on my Pians. This is what I see:

-three Pians seeming to compete for the highest hover
-two Pians trying to drown each other in a cauldron (no joke o_o)
-a couple Marens chasing around one Pian, who seemed oddly calm given the situation
-one Pian sulking in the corner
-a Pian that followed me around and kept ramming me with a huge grin on its face. It was rotating around on all three axes too. I think it was trying to smile for the camera while simultaneously trying to kill Will off. o_o

I think a beer keg must have wandered into My Dream along with the giant blimp.

#34439 It sucks playing online with some one who lags

Posted by Lavos on 06 January 2008 - 09:04 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

If you wanna play as Reala, play a local match with a friend and use the second Wiimote/GC socket. :mellow:

#12365 What are you listening to right now?

Posted by Lavos on 23 August 2007 - 07:10 AM in Community Corner

Good call! Coldplay is my favorite band (along with Gorillaz)! Guess what I'm listening to... ;)

Clocks -- Coldplay


"If You're Not the One" by Daniel Bedingfield.

<3 this song.

#12347 What are you listening to right now?

Posted by Lavos on 23 August 2007 - 05:20 AM in Community Corner

"Clocks (Deep Dish Remix)" by Coldplay/Deep Dish.

This remix pwns.


Posted by Lavos on 23 August 2007 - 12:19 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Did Lode Runner 2 do this to you? XP

Yeah... sorta.

I hacked the World Hub level file and made my own. XD


Posted by Lavos on 22 August 2007 - 09:45 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion


For some reason, the "world hub" thing got me more excited than anything.

...what? I like world hubs. ;_;

#12160 What been rottin in your player?

Posted by Lavos on 22 August 2007 - 09:43 AM in Community Corner

My 80-minute MP3 Player has two tracks on it:

"Lucid Dream Red Mix" by Elucidate (around 75 minutes) <3
"Ganon Hates Grating Cheese" by MrSimon (~1:15)

How's that for imbalance? I say EXCELLENT!

#10250 In one word.

Posted by Lavos on 07 August 2007 - 03:52 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

1. Consistency
2. Shortness


Posted by Lavos on 07 August 2007 - 01:03 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Posted Image

...no, wait. I can do better than that.

Posted Image

#10128 Show 3 online

Posted by Lavos on 06 August 2007 - 06:41 AM in [ARCHiVED] Misc

Good job on this one, guys. ^.^

Interviews were great, and the opening had me laughing my head off. XD

Btw, I missed you guys. ^_^

Not that Right Said Fred ain't good, but it's just not the same.

#9602 Hey people!

Posted by Lavos on 11 July 2007 - 03:57 AM in Introduce Yourself

Hey sis. :lol:


Posted by Lavos on 10 July 2007 - 01:10 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Looks great, but I'm not to keen on the behind-the-back camera angle. Gameplay looks a little slow too, but that could all be just for trailer purposes.


#8902 DreamCast Task For Today

Posted by Lavos on 05 July 2007 - 08:55 PM in [ARCHiVED] Misc

I sent mine out. But because I'm tired, I titled the email as a submission for the website instead of as one for the podcast. Watch out for that. =/

#7165 What do you love to do in a dream?

Posted by Lavos on 04 June 2007 - 11:26 PM in Dream Discussion

Usually when I fly in a dream, it looks something like this:

Without people cursing their heads off, of course

#6979 How do YOU Pronounce Reala?

Posted by Lavos on 03 June 2007 - 03:46 AM in Poll Area


I've always tied him in with "Reality", so I pronounce it like that.

#6567 Topic of Rumination: What is Reala's Line?

Posted by Lavos on 29 May 2007 - 05:28 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

At the end, I always thought he said "NiGHTS...Brother...." like he was sorry or calling for help.

I agree. That's something I factored into my fanfiction.

And while we're on that subject, my sister hears the line "Run away!" a few times in Growing Wings. I think she's insane <.<

#6450 The transition between waking and dreaming

Posted by Lavos on 28 May 2007 - 06:14 AM in Dream Discussion

I will almost always smell buttered popcorn in hypnagogia. XD

I once heard a really neat trance track, too.

It can be pretty fun sometimes, yes.

#5772 Wizeman's Worst

Posted by Lavos on 20 May 2007 - 06:52 PM in Poll Area

Gah. The torandoes.

I don't even think NiGHTS' head fits through that small gap. >_<;

#5736 Dreams

Posted by Lavos on 20 May 2007 - 08:18 AM in [ARCHiVED] NiD Discussion

For those of you having trouble with SC4, another tip: All the blue chips you need can be picked up while going up the tower. At the beginning of the mare, just make a beeline for the tower and ignore everything else.

Myself, favorite dream is Spring Valley, least is Mystic Forest.

#5730 Personal Dreamscapes

Posted by Lavos on 20 May 2007 - 05:31 AM in Dream Discussion

There is one dreamscape that I've visited a few times, all while lucid.

It looks like the street I live on, except the road is replaced with a dark, frozen river, and the street is lined with sakura trees.

It looks really neat. :P

#5729 New NiGHTS Homebrew Game!

Posted by Lavos on 20 May 2007 - 05:17 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I've been thinking about the 'Return to goal' conditions. The only time I dont have fun with the game is when you've missed one item and you spend a whole lap flying around looking for that last one, missing it because its higher/lower then you were flying etc. Its annoying. the original didnt have that problem, because the game structure wasnt the same (it wasnt about collecting everything). Maybe have the return to goal come up when theres 5 or less items, but if you collect them all, you get a bonus (points, links, 15 secs instead of 10?). Not a biggie, but its a thought.

What if, after collecting a item, a semi-transparent ghost of the object that can't be collected remains? That way, you can still find your way around the track.

Excellent job on the game. Loads of potential right there, and rather addicting... I think I'll play it again. Aaand again. XD

#5715 Your least favourite Nightmaren from NiGHTS into Dreams...

Posted by Lavos on 20 May 2007 - 01:05 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

When I'm going for score, I despise Jackle to no end. 1.2 multipliers KILL. ._.

But as far as the characters go, it would be Gulpo. He just didn't seem to have a personality.

#5714 What setting would you like to see for a dreamscape?

Posted by Lavos on 20 May 2007 - 01:03 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

A factory... a circus... global warming... I think we're getting a little too mundane in our ideas. The dreamscapes need to be way more fantastical than this.

Looking at all the dreamscapes and thinking about what Iizuka-san has said in interviews, I've concluded that the dreamscapes in NiD and JoD all come down to three things: A) Keep it general -- the things that anyone would dream about, :P Keep it fantastical -- like the floating windmills and the rubber buildings, and C) Keep it open and free -- the better for NiGHTS to fly.

I'd like to go back to the outer space idea I proposed that the thread's beginning. Unfortunately, that has a problem -- when the time as NiGHTS runs out, where are the kids going to land? It's not quite as important, but ground exploration needs to be possible in the event that the counter winds down. The only exception in NiD was in Twin Seeds, but all that really did was add difficulty, which is permissible in a game's final level.

I'm trying to come up with something to fit this criteria, but all I'm seeing is a level above the clouds. There's a lot of space for NiGHTS to fly around in, and the kids could walk on the clouds. But how would that idea be spiced up? There's a lot of stuff on the earth and a lot of stuff in space, but there isn't a whole lot in between, is there? Any ideas?

There could be airplanes flying around the stage that would hurt NiGHTS if he hit them, and the kids could jump on and ride. Or large birds.

Or... random thought that just popped into my head. A small town that rests on the clouds, with people/pians going about their daily commute. Hmm...

#5670 Who finished the game?~

Posted by Lavos on 19 May 2007 - 07:56 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Heh, I beat Claris's dreams with straight C's and a B on my first try, in one sitting, before I even realized the battery in my Saturn was dead. XD And I just barely scraped that C on Spring Valley, I think I tried that one four times before I got used to the controls and moved on.

I got a battery a couple days later and beat both dreamer's stories, and a year later, I have perpetual straight A's, and solid 12th place on Scoreattack.net.

Good times. XD

#5536 What setting would you like to see for a dreamscape?

Posted by Lavos on 17 May 2007 - 07:48 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Personally, I'd like to see a heaven/hell dream (like the Digital Dimension course in Sonic Riders, or to a lesser extent, Chapter 7 of Super Paper Mario).

I've always found those kinds of stages rather interesting.