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#36731 Okay, What the Flip?

Posted by Tyson Toast on 20 January 2008 - 09:21 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

I had this really stupid camera glitch with Helen's Sky Concert DX
I was flying along, until it got to the first 3 notes in a row, when the camera just fell out of place and flew in front of NiGHTS. It is annoying because I lose a lot of notes and the Bar thing goes ahead of me.. a lot. I hope the problem is not when my dad ejected the game while I was away that killed the camera... He doesn't like how much my Wii hums DX
Atleast I already got an A on that mission...
And I'm playing with a Gamecube controller. I have no other controllers plugged in. DX

And my Wii like, doesn't overheat. I can leave it on for a month and it's fine. What the heck is the problem? D:

Leave it on for a month? You might not think it's doing any damage, but I'm sure something will give on the inside eventually.

#35834 Another NiGHTS

Posted by Tyson Toast on 15 January 2008 - 11:53 PM in [ARCHiVED] Events, campaigns and news

She's a voice actor. She probably knows less than us on Sega's proceedings.

#35505 Incredible NiGHTS T-shirts from King of Games

Posted by Tyson Toast on 14 January 2008 - 01:03 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I like it, but being a self-conscious and vane little bitch, I'd never be able to wear it in public. It's good to see some Nights merch going on sale though, I really want some Nights stuff for when I move into my own place.

#33022 Finding JoD a pain in the arse to play with the Wii's analogue stick? Che...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 31 December 2007 - 03:59 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

I'll pay someone ten shiny British pound to do this to my nunchuck. I'll literally make sure the pounds a GLEAMING too.

#32023 Finding JoD a pain in the arse to play with the Wii's analogue stick? Che...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 24 December 2007 - 08:46 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Wouldn't you need a tri-wing screwdriver to do this? I mean, who actually has one of those?

#31706 Encountering Reala...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 22 December 2007 - 03:12 AM in Dream Discussion

I've encountered him in a dream before, and unlike the dreams I used to have before, where every time I got Lucid I'd try to have intercourse with everything, I just sat down in an extremely comfortable chair and talked about the past. He was kind of like the Grand father I never had. So yeah, where as you all associate him with omens of dementia, I'll now forever associate him with more homely tidings.

#20869 Has anyone seen/played the "NiD: Score attack" downloadable from Phan...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 14 October 2007 - 08:58 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I played it a few years back in my PSO addiction years. I seem to remember my thumb being sore for days after it. I loved the music.

#20866 What is your favorite NiGHTS song?

Posted by Tyson Toast on 14 October 2007 - 08:55 PM in [ARCHiVED] NiD Discussion

Dreams Dreams in Silent Memory/ Non-Silent Memory and Soft Museum are in my top 20 iPod songs, topped only by Radiohead, Utada Hikaru and Michael Jackson.

#15185 Recommend a game!

Posted by Tyson Toast on 04 September 2007 - 11:59 AM in Community Corner

One word:"OUENDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Best rythm action game ever. For the DS.


Posted by Tyson Toast on 23 August 2007 - 02:11 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

I don't know why everyone's crying about the female voice. In animation, games and all the like, male children are usually voiced by women. Look at Bart Simpson for example. Women are more versatile because they lack one burdening appendage us guys have.

#11112 New info

Posted by Tyson Toast on 13 August 2007 - 12:38 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

You know, it's not just 'how his voice will sound' but it's also 'what retarded sh!t will he end up saying'. Because as far as i could tell, voice acting in SEGA games tend to be bellow par, and half of that is due to what they're saying, not just how they're saying it.
PSU is a really REALLY good example. "little sister" "big brother" "little sister". Nobody address's family members like that, it just makes the game more cheesy. And since this new game is obviously aimed at children then it's most probably going to contain really childish dialogue. And that pisses me off. I would prefer no speech at all.

*sigh* oh and 'whoopty-doo', Reala's in it. I bet his voice acting is going to be the worst because they're so obviously going to try and portray him as a 'really bad guy' so god only knows what they're going to make him say to give off that effect.

"Do you like my new... HAIR-DO Snake?"

Yeah, scary.

#10511 NiGHTS Voice Actor...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 08 August 2007 - 01:39 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

The only way voice acting would work is if he speaks like a Pokemon. You know it makes sense.

#10448 In one word.

Posted by Tyson Toast on 08 August 2007 - 04:25 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat



#10447 NiGHTS Voice Actor...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 08 August 2007 - 04:21 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I can do androgynous. My voice cracks from time to time, representing the woman inside of me trying to get out, while the man inside of me puts on a fake deep voice to maintain the little dignity he has left.

#9850 The boss we've seen in the footage...

Posted by Tyson Toast on 12 July 2007 - 12:25 PM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

It wouldn't surprise me if they did call it Fuckle, consisering their Brain Age clone called people retards.


Posted by Tyson Toast on 10 July 2007 - 03:25 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Is it just me or...

- is there more room to fly around? I mean, spacious-wise, there's WAY more room to maneuver in the levels! My flight-loving-fangirl is most pleased.. :D
- does the "Puffle" boss arena move vertically? And along the spine of what remains of a nasty looking maren? Nightmare's looking REALLY nightmarish now!
- does NiGHTS kick his feet every so often in mid-flight? CYOOOOOOOTE!

As for lack of Pians, I wouldn't worry for the same reasons as Innotech and shadow. There's way more for Sega to do yet, this is just the beginning! We're in for a heckuvva ride dreamers! WOOOO!

I noticed the more room to fly thing too, but I couldn't think of the words to explain it in less than ten lines.

#9335 What gender are you, and how do you see NiGHTS?

Posted by Tyson Toast on 10 July 2007 - 03:19 AM in Poll Area

As a child I saw him as a female because of the purpleness/narrow-minded childishness, in the same kind of disturbing way I thought Knuckles the Echidna was a female. Now I see it as more of a male due to the lack of female features, however, if I was asked in a test I'd obviously say androgynous.

Oh yeah, and I'm a male.


Posted by Tyson Toast on 10 July 2007 - 02:52 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Not to shatter the emotional reception already, but I thought I'd be first to jump the gun and point out a few things. Number one of my list being: No 'Pians? It could be a bit quick to judge, but from this, it would seem that there is no A-Life system. If that's so, it could be a huge let down for me and, I'm sure, a lot of the other fans.

Secondly, is it me or does that level not seem to hold as much character as the older ones? I mean, look at anything from Spring Valley to Mystic Forest in the original and you'll always feel a sense of refined and individual personality for each level. This little preview seems to be going on the safe side instead of trying something genuinely new and unique. And for other reasons the level just doesn't feel as magical as the old ones, but I just can't place it. I'm sure once some music is added I'll truly get that NiGHTS feeling, though.

Well, I'll remain hopeful for the A-Life system, but if it isn't there I will probably cry. 'Pians brought so much to the game for me, and I can't think of NiGHTS without them.


Posted by Tyson Toast on 10 July 2007 - 02:25 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Oh man oh man. That paraloop effect is finger lickin' good.

#7339 Your gender

Posted by Tyson Toast on 07 June 2007 - 03:43 PM in Poll Area

For me, it boils down to this: Everyone loves a good story. It doesn't matter if the story is a movie, a book, a video game, a comic strip; it doesn't matter if someone is male, female, straight, gay, fat, petite, white, black, brown, yellow or retarded. Everybody loves a good story.

The reason why we are here, the reason why we love NiGHTS is because it has a good story. Not just the story it tells, but the story we make up for it. The little details and metaphors that we are left to interpret.

Bottom line: NiGHTS has a good story. You don't have to be of either gender to appreciate that.

That's funny, I always found the story a bit underwhelming. I just like it for the music and atmosphere.

I'm sure you can guess my gender.

#7163 Personal Dreamscapes

Posted by Tyson Toast on 04 June 2007 - 10:30 PM in Dream Discussion

My dreams always occur in regular places, such as my house, but they appear in a way that suits my ideals and taste. My house is pretty average-suburban-huge-christmas tree like in reality, with common bushes and drab black gates. However, in my dreams the bushes will be 18 foot tall and a beautiful deep green, the gates large and elegant, and all lighting is intimate and absorbing.

You have to be there to appreciate it, but I don't really have a dreamscspe that reccurs for me.

Oh wait, dream pad? It looks like a friggin' SA book.

#7161 What do you love to do in a dream?

Posted by Tyson Toast on 04 June 2007 - 10:18 PM in Dream Discussion

Yep, I'm terrible for my teenage-hood. Anything on legs man, anything on legs.

#7028 How do YOU Pronounce Reala?

Posted by Tyson Toast on 03 June 2007 - 07:27 PM in Poll Area

When I was younger I never payed attention to ingame texts, (I used to think all games were mute) but the little I did pay attention to got me "Real-O". I kind of stuck with that, even though I know better.

#7027 New NiGHTS Homebrew Game!

Posted by Tyson Toast on 03 June 2007 - 07:16 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I think a bell chiming would lend itself quite nicely to that. Possibly a short series of bells, or just one high "ding!"

#6935 What do you love to do in a dream?

Posted by Tyson Toast on 02 June 2007 - 09:20 PM in Dream Discussion

I do stupid things once I get lucid. I always end up trying "get down" with everyone and wake up. For some reason, my characters resist me. I try to tell them they're my bitch, but it doesn't work.