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#99810 DiGi's final thought

Posted by petebrolly on 06 October 2012 - 06:45 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I've been a long time lurker on this forum but I drop in every now and then for a read, and when you guys need signatures for campaigns I do my part.

First of all, a bit of an intro - I played NiGHTS into Dreams on the Sega Saturn when I was 14. I remember seeing the first screenshots in magazines and just being blown away. When ads for the game came on TV (does anyone remember those?) I would rush into the room just to get a glimpse of the game in action (those born with the internet will never experience that rush of excitement I guess).

I sold my Megadrive with 26 games and put down 150 pounds on top, for a Sega Saturn with NiGHTS and boy I did not regret it one bit. I know you guys know this already (hence this awesome NiGHTS fan community) but there is something so magical about this game and I could never really put my finger on it - is it the beautiful character design, the goosebump inducing music, or is it simply the dreamy environments and utterly unique gameplay? (I'ts all these and more of course).

Anyway, long story short - I bought the game on PSN this week, and despite having to get used to the controls a bit, the game retains all that same magic as in 1996. The goosebumps returned. OK confession time - when I got the game I never had the 3D controller (although it was promised to me). Gasp. Somehow I managed with the Saturn dpad so you can see that I don't have many qualms with how it controls with the PS3 controller. It was never really about the controls for me anyway, it was all about the world itself and how it made me feel. Now that I'm getting higher number of Links than 14 year old me could ever dream of (pun intended), I feel satisfied. Believe me, it's not often you best your 14 year old self at games.

I had braced myself a little bit for disappointment in this remake after not really getting into Journey of Dreams, and also because I am very familiar with going back to older games from my youth and having the rose tinted glasses firmly smashed when I see the graphics (particularly 3D Saturn games), but wow, with NiGHTS HD, its like I'm seeing it for the first time all over again - maybe it's even better since now I can actually see what's going on that much more clearly (having an awesome 50 inch TV doesn't hurt in that respect either).

I'm not so well up on the details of your campaign but from what I've gathered you guys here at Nightsintodreams.com had a lot of input on the title and I can say it definitely shows and I am extremely grateful that you were involved in the project and helped to keep my dreams of a NiGHTS remake alive. So thank you, seriously.

I think NiGHTS, along with Sonic (huge SEGA fan) are chief among the reasons I wanted to get into the games industry, and although I've "made it" (meeting Yuji Naka by accident at last year's E3 was a defining moment) I'm not working on something like NiGHTS now, quite the opposite - an MMOFPS by the name of PlanetSide 2, which is spectacular in a very different way. Anyway, I'm very grateful to this game for putting a bit of magic into the life of 14 year old me and helping me get to where I am today.

Bit of a gushy post here I know but I felt compelled to come in here and say thanks.

Maybe I will stop lurking and will hang around here a bit more - the future certainly seems bright for NiGHTS now after all. :)