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#99700 NiGHTS Reference in Rhythm Thief

Posted by Kizia on 03 September 2012 - 01:25 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Oh yeah, I see what you mean.. interesting

WAIT! Ohtani-san is composer for Rhythm Thief! He worked on JoD! IT ALL BECOMES CLEAR

Oh. I didn't know that. XD It does make sense now. ^^ That's good to take note of. Maybe that's why one of the tracks sounds like it starts off like Dreams Dreams to me. XP I love finding connections to NiGHTS. X3

#99691 NiGHTS Reference in Rhythm Thief

Posted by Kizia on 02 September 2012 - 02:14 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

o_o I didn't know about this one and the game was in the office. Shweeet.

lol. Nice. I just thought it would be nice to share this easter egg. I mean, the Samba De Amigo and Space Channel 5 ones are fairly obvious, since there's two rhythm games based on each, but not many people would notice the NiGHTS one, since it's only a short sound clip. ^^ So, since the game was in the office, did you get to see it in person? XD

I wish I had a 3DS so I could play it!

3DS is nice to have. I have the special Zelda edition that I got bundled with a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D. If you do get one, Rhythm Thief is relatively cheap compared to other 3DS games, probably because it's a stand-alone title (though it hints greatly at a sequel) and a lot of the people who play rhythm games were probably more drawn to Theatrhythm, since the two were released within a week of each other, at least in America.

#99683 NiGHTS Reference in Rhythm Thief

Posted by Kizia on 02 September 2012 - 02:46 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Cool, wonder if there is video of this online somewhere..

Well, there are plenty of videos, just not any that showcase the sound. Though, there's a bit of talking over it, this video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCq_ievBP9o) has the sound in it. It's at about 14:14 in the video. I don't know of any better quality sound of it, except if you were to play the game yourself.

#99680 NiGHTS Reference in Rhythm Thief

Posted by Kizia on 01 September 2012 - 04:03 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I got the game Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure about a week ago, and after a while, I noticed a familiar tune. In the game, you can click on things with your stylus, and sometimes you'll get medals, sometimes you'll get sound discs, and on occasion you'll click something that you record a sound from. When I clicked on a merry-go-round, it sounded very familiar. At first, I thought it was the music from the merry-go-round portion of Twinkle Park in Sonic Adventure, which made sense to me since Sonic is SEGA's mascot. I watched some videos with that section in it, and it didn't match up. So, I got to thinking, and I thought it could possibly be from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, since that had a merry-go-round. So, I pulled up my NiGHTS: JoD soundtrack and played track 37: Merry Memory Go Round. After listening for a while, at near the very end of the track, I heard it, the exact same tune. Needless to say, I was extremely elated that there was an easter egg of my favorite SEGA series in my newest SEGA game. >w< Also, one of the tracks in the Rhythm Thief soundtrack starts off similarly to Dreams Dreams, but that might just be my imagination trying to find more NiGHTS. Though, with finding this, and playing the parodies of Space Channel 5 and Samba De Amigo, I'm a bit surprised that I didn't notice any Sonic easter eggs, if any exist. (unless the character Marie, who is Maria in the Japanese game, counts as one)