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#5026 Point of View in your Dreams

Posted by jazzberri* on 12 May 2007 - 05:22 PM in Dream Discussion

My dreams tend to be in first person, but I'm almost never in my own dreams anymore. I usually seem to appear as some random character my mind makes up, and I act out some story from there in the first-person view. I have had some third-person dreams, but they're very few and far between.

#4817 Hello everyone, Im Ashashi

Posted by jazzberri* on 09 May 2007 - 10:52 PM in Introduce Yourself

YAY ASHA *joins in the tackleglomp*

Hiya. :lol: *even though I'm newer than you are. huh.*

#4816 yo *waves*

Posted by jazzberri* on 09 May 2007 - 10:46 PM in Introduce Yourself

Hello jazzberri, and welcome to the forums! If you need anything, just ask me, Icachan or any or our friendly mods.

Heh, I also have problems with introductions. Still, you gave a good one :D

Thanks! :3

Haha, really? XD;; I kept revising it before I just gave up and posted it.

Hi hi~! ^__^ Tis nice to meet you. <3's~ I love your avatar. X3

Hi! :lol: It's nice to meet you too. :D
Thanks you. :3

#4783 yo *waves*

Posted by jazzberri* on 09 May 2007 - 08:02 PM in Introduce Yourself

Hi, everyone. ._.;; I hate posting introductions in new places, I never have any idea what to say.

I go by a lot of different names in a lot of different places. Since I have a different username on here, I guess you can call me that. ^^;

I like writing, drawing, anime, and manga (preferably manga since it's cheaper and I'm poor :lol:). I'm not actually a huge videogame fan, mainly because I'm horrible at them and I get frustrated easily when I'm no good at something. XD;;

Let's see, what got me into NiGHTS? I actually have no idea where I first ran into it, but I fell in love with it at first sight. The only reason I can remember is jester caps... I love jesters. I hate clowns, I like jesters. Make sense of that one... anyway. I wanted to find out more about it (particularly the fandom and characters) and wound up getting a few of my friends into it along the way. I tried to get a Saturn and NiGHTS once, but the guy never sent it. D: I'm lucky enough that one of my friends has it, so I can just bug her to play it for me. And maybe I'll play it myself one of these days.

Okay, I think that's enough about me. I'm not so good at describing myself, and I'm getting horribly paranoid that I've rambled on for far too long at this point.

I hope to make some friends aside from the one I've currently got while I'm here, so I guess that's all with my introductions and I'll see you all elsewhere in the forums. ^^;

#4781 Dream Recall

Posted by jazzberri* on 09 May 2007 - 07:44 PM in Dream Discussion

I usually try to remember what happened while I'm getting ready in the morning, and if I have time I might write it down somewhere. (Seems like everyone writes them down, huh? Maybe I should do that more often than I do. ^^; )

I can't really recall a lot of my dreams, though. I don't know if I just don't dream much or if they just weren't vivid enough for me to remember... although I swear, I have these dreams sometimes and I could swear I've been in the same place in another dream. o.o;