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#31641 Any Musicians in the House?

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 21 December 2007 - 11:25 PM in Community Corner

...Does singing count?

Small bit of piano, at least enough to know what keys are what notes. And self-taught with a little skill on the harp. (And half the time it's the Song of Time from Ocarina of Time.)

#17854 Ideya Quick Quiz

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 22 September 2007 - 04:51 PM in Poll Area

I got red on both quizzes.

...Well, it fits.

#16808 New trailer tonight

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 14 September 2007 - 02:15 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Also, I too am liking the slight TP influence on the Gulpo relative...I'll call him Twilipo! (Now let's see if it sticks!) XD

Really? Well, come to think of it, he does look like he's got a bit of TP influence...

...but seeing how he attacks made me think something along the lines of 'King Boom Gulpo' or something. I saw him pop up out of the ground in that thing, and instant SA2 flashback to fighting against King Boom Boo.

And holy crap! I did not notice that about that girl to the right! She does look like Claris!

#14239 What been rottin in your player?

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 30 August 2007 - 03:26 AM in Community Corner

Well, my CD player currently rots mainly with belly-dancing music with a few songs from the Tea Party, but I normally don't listen to my CDs often. It's mainly been Sonic music on my MP3 player, namely Secret Rings, and a slight dash of Zelda. My main music that I'm normally jacked into while on the Comp involves a lot of KH and TRiPPY's tracks tend to get stuck in my head often. Mainly Distant Night, TONiGHT, and Battle of the D'Force Masters. Addictive songs, TRiP, real addictive.

Despite the fact that a friend of mine brought over two Evanescence albums and Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory one, I don't have the CDs. Just the MP3s stored in my Library. I want to get the actual CDs.

#10906 Humaren!

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 10 August 2007 - 10:48 PM in Dream Discussion

Once, I caught sight of Reala for a split second in a dream.

And then I found myself attacked by a dragon.

#10721 Dream Abilities

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 09 August 2007 - 05:17 PM in Dream Discussion

I tend to fly a lot. Unfortunately, it's more speed-oriented than it is control and acrobatics - I can barely steer for my life. And magic. I've been able to use it like Card Captor Sakura, using Ideya to chanel it and execute a pair of elemental spells based off said Ideya, and recently Harry Potter style.

#10045 Visions

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 05 August 2007 - 04:47 AM in Dream Discussion

Twice. Both involving something that has to deal with the television screen. I'll keep this short.

#1 - Age seven, and I was obsessed with Digimon. Basic idea - I digivolved into a Digimon, fought evil, woke up. Three to five years later, I turn on the television, and that was the basic Digivolution for Frontier. It was weird.

#2 - I forget how old I was, but I was nine or ten at the time. I remember walking on these wooden walkways and in the center of this room was this giant sort of cylindrical object thing. There's also a lot of copper. I slip, fall off into the dark abyss of death below, and wake up. I reach the end of the game Jak & Daxter, and I realize that I've seen it before.

...Yeah, I have no life.

#7612 Post your Fan Marens?

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 14 June 2007 - 02:35 AM in Creative Stuff!

In all honesty, I've got two. Twins. And they proved to me that I've got WAY too much time on my hands.

Posted Image

Left: SiLViA, the sane, adventure-loving one
Right: GOLiNDA, the insane, homicidal one

(Heaven forbid I brutally murder the pic by coloring them.)

By the way, Purg, I LOLed at the top pic.

#7609 NiGHTS PC Goodies

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 13 June 2007 - 11:26 PM in Poll Area

Sorry, my bad D:! Was a bit rushed at the time >.>!

This one.: http://www.gpsoft.com.au/lss/Default.asp?page=themes

It's alright - that one did it! Thank you very much!

#7606 NiGHTS PC Goodies

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 13 June 2007 - 10:17 PM in Poll Area

XD, ah, ok.

Hmmm....., normally the theme changes the icons automatically. Here, try this theme installer. It might help.: http://www.freewareweb.com/cgi-bin/deskdb.cgi?ID=172

No go. I got the 'Windows 95 only' kind of message.

#7594 NiGHTS PC Goodies

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 13 June 2007 - 06:49 PM in Poll Area

1.) Welcome =D!
2.) Hmmm..... what version of Windows are you using? I have some theme installing programs if you have an older computer (or a newer for that matter ^_^ ). Those might help.....

XD Yay :D.

2) Windows XP. Not the smiley, which I think would be obvious, but it might be confused for it.

Yay indeed. Yes, I deliberately started with 2. XD

#7574 NiGHTS PC Goodies

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 12 June 2007 - 09:13 PM in Poll Area


1.) I tend to be having the same problem >.>! I'll go get another link ASAP.
2.) Did you try the other themes included in the .zip? It might be a problem in one of the ones in particular.....
3.) (see above). Also, the change is very small. Full is a Full Moon (a good pun XP), and completely empty is the crescent moon.

1) Thank you.
2) The problem is being able to actually change the icon. I'm able to do so for the recycle bin (somewhat...changed it to full moon because there's actually stuff in there), but being able to change the icon for My Computer and My Network Places is something that I've tried to find in vain.
3) (see above)

Huzzah, we're talking in lists...[/random]

#7562 NiGHTS PC Goodies

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 12 June 2007 - 06:49 PM in Poll Area

Hm...I seem to have hit a few roadblocks concerning some stuff...
  • Darn it, can't upload Hurayami's mascot...
  • I can't seem to change the icons on both My Computer and My Network Places
  • And I don't know how to make the Recycle Bin Icon change from empty to full.
Uh...yeah. Help, please?

#7560 Your gender

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 12 June 2007 - 06:01 PM in Poll Area

Jeez, I voted and I never replied...silly me...

Girl here.

#7559 What gender are you, and how do you see NiGHTS?

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 12 June 2007 - 05:49 PM in Poll Area

I voted the "I'm female and I view NiGHTS as male" and "I'm female and I view NiGHTS as androgynous". Two reasons:
  • I am aware that NiGHTS, technically, is genderless, and he can change gender at any time, BUT...
  • He's always seemed more like a guy to me.
This is mainly because of the fact that he looks more like a guy in my opinion (a somewhat feminine guy, but still), and so I normally refer to NiGHTS as "he". Because "it" would be just plain rude, as others have said before. And my imagination tends to make him sound and act more like a guy, anyway (...did I already say that?).

#7446 NiD Rap BattleGround

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 10 June 2007 - 02:37 AM in Creative Stuff!

Holy Ideya on a stick, the cat RAPS!
Poorly...sooner or later they're gonna collapse.
But this was one of the last Maren that I expected to see -
And that brings the total Maren present up to three...

This brings the current participants up to the recolor, the cat,
the loon, the flying balerina, myself, and the winged rat.
And to continue this recent chaos and disorder,
I have something to say to you all, sans myself, in that order.

Reala - like stated earlier, you're a recolor, face it!
And you're little 'I'm the best' attitude is something you need to quit,
Because if I recall correctly, you were blasted sky high,
Before it happens again, head off to some little corner to cry.

Claws - you're even more insane than Jackle if you think you can handle this!
Just seeing you here attempting to rap indicates something's amiss.
If anything, GILLWING could probably rap circles around you!
You just got yourself into deeper mess than you knew.

Jackle - what the heck was that!? Those rhymes were all weak!
Did you honestly think your situation was that desperate and bleak?
NiGHTS practically rapped around you with a paraloops!
Three times, in fact! A fourth would've sent you through a hoop!

NiGHTS - and there you go again with your cocky attitude!
If anything, you should at leat show us Dreamers some grattitude,
Because mister RECOLOR over there, if I recall correctly,
Put you in that prison by tattling to Wizeman dirrectly!

And you, Pian - those threats just don't work.
Come to think of it, they seem to be your one little quirk.
I'm sorry to say this, but I've got a hunch,
that you're done for - hey Claws, there's Pian lunch!

#7421 Very Old Dreams

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 09 June 2007 - 03:16 PM in Dream Discussion

A dream in which I became Angewomon from Digimon pops into my head. Considering the fact that it was 1999 when I saw it, I must've been...five or six, I'm not sure. About that age. Along with a nightmare that I had about hearing my little brother melting faster than you could say Wizeman.

#6928 NiGHTS Into Dreams on Gaia Online

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 02 June 2007 - 02:05 PM in Poll Area

Aha, so THIS was the guild that I found earlier this week! Just sent in my request - I'm easy to see. All caps but the 'i's, but the user name is more or less the same.

#6826 Ever encounter NiGHTS?

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 01 June 2007 - 02:58 AM in Dream Discussion

Well, I might not know how I'd react to seeing NiGHTS, but I do know how I'd react to seeing Reala: I'd just look at him as he flies right past me. Only Maren I've seen in my dreams so far now. Although WHY Reala is what confuses me.

#5970 NiD Rap BattleGround

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 21 May 2007 - 09:50 PM in Creative Stuff!

So says he who's got some screws loose himself,
But I agree about the Pian - he's gonna get shelfed.
Things have changed since the last time that I've been here,
But then again, you haven't noticed - so let's make this clear:

Shy little Claris's gone off and took a hike,
In case you didn't noticed, I've picked up the mike.
And I see that you're still clinging to that dumb mantle of yours,
Please tell me that you can find something better in stores.

And you, little Pian, you're way in over your head,
because in about ten seconds you're gonna wind up dead.
Mostly because of invisible man over there,
but, honestly, your stupidity amazes me, I swear!

So what, NiGHTS, if you've helped me out a few times?
Things have changed since then - you'd better note the rhymes
'cause in case you've haven't noticed I'm really rather pissed,
and if anyone asks, their face'll meet my fist.

Pian most especially - you're not just small in size,
Your puny arms length'll soon be your demise,
Because I really highly doubt that you can throw a grenade,
Head back to your egg - where you should've stayed,

'cause the temperature's risin' and the Maren are unsurprising,
and once you turn your back you'll be under attack.
Because the whole place is in uprise and to you I advise
that you high tail it out - and don't give me that pout!

#5764 What setting would you like to see for a dreamscape?

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 20 May 2007 - 04:47 PM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Personally, I'd like to see some sort of dreamscape that's like Babylon Garden/Sky Road in Sonic Riders. With some sort of weird Eurasian theme mixed in. And a giant bird-like Maren at the end.

...Jeez, I am NOT creative today...

#5761 Personal Dreamscapes

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 20 May 2007 - 04:25 PM in Dream Discussion

Hm...if anything, most of the dreams that I remember having take place in some sort of urban place (one of them I called Seattle Skyline because it had this huge tower and it vaguely reminded me of Seattle). The only actual non-urban and nature-like place that I've ever seen was in a dream that I had a few weeks ago that sparked a story. Big white castle and then this place that I called the 'Green Gullies' because I couldn't think of anything else to name it.

#4042 NiD Rap BattleGround

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 04 May 2007 - 06:29 PM in Creative Stuff!

You? Out of character? Ha! That's a surprise.
You'd better watch it, NiGHTS, 'cause now I'm up on the rise.
If it weren't for me and El, your demise would've been met.
You didn't do it alone - or did you forget?

Did you forget about Wizeman, who trapped you in that palace?
And what about your brother, whose heart is full of malice?
Elliot and I are the reason you're free,
We beat 'em together - but we dreamers had the key.

So don't you dare go and get all cocky on us,
We don't really need to go and cause such a fuss.
Well, not just yet. Right now it's the two of us, ya see?
When the others get here, let's kick up this rapping spree.

I'm pretty sure the others're gonna get here soon,
but I highly doubt you'll be keepin' up your little tune.
Things'll get serious, everything delerious,
A little 'exam' turned brawl, and then bam!

Your senses all go outta whack, vision starts to turn to black,
What started out harmless becomes a downright rhymin' mess,
All success goes down the drain, all your comebacks used in vain,
You'll build up so much stress that you'll start to loose finesse.

So bring it on, NiGHTS, send me all that you got,
Word for word, I'll send you back all of my best shots,
And once the others arrive, we'll be at full war,
Nothing here will be said just for play anymore.

#3957 Buying a Wii

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 04 May 2007 - 04:30 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I've wanted a Wii so I could play Twilight Princess, mainly...that, and actually get some exersize for once. (Thank goodness I have a fast metabolism.) NiGHTS coming out really bursted my want for a Wii - I asked dad to get me a Wii and JoD for Christmas.

#3472 Come meet Dark Night's Twisted World...

Posted by Silvia Callisto on 02 May 2007 - 02:20 PM in Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the forums, Dark Night! I, personally, like your signature, it makes me giggle. Also, from what I've seen from your avatar, you're a wonderful artist! I hope you enjoy it here!