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#99947 Random thought thread

Posted by MidgitLD on 11 October 2012 - 09:02 AM in Community Corner

Oh God, it's 4am and I need to be asleep. T_T INTERNET, WHY DID YOU BURN SO MANY HOURS OF MY TIME!

...I was doing useful offline stuff before you sucked me back in... *SOB* T^T

#99946 Darkstalkers

Posted by MidgitLD on 11 October 2012 - 08:53 AM in Community Corner

My mentality is it needs to have hi-res 2D sprites or I'm immediately biased against buying it. Of course we all know that's not going to happen especially when you consider the lousy way Capcom has been acting over the last year or so. I wouldn't trust Ono with a sequel. I'd prefer Niitsuma. Regardless if the game can't be done right I don't want it done at all. I don't want the legacy tainted.

Seconded. Capcom has screwed up enough of it's money maker's lately in untold numbers of ways (not localizing the LaytonWright crossover, DMC5, cancelling MML3, and not localizing other great games that Western fans have been foaming at the mouth for), they don't need to do it with yet ANOTHER franchise.

#99945 Where you all been at lately?

Posted by MidgitLD on 11 October 2012 - 08:42 AM in Community Corner

*shakily crawls out from under a pile of LIFE*

I... I live! P-Promise! T^T

Lol everyone comes back eventually, we're scary like that XD.


The past (almost) three years have been school grinding for me. I moved from my home in Mississippi to Texas to attend Le Cordon Bleu. I just finished my program last month, and I have my graduation ceremony on the 20th of this month. My last two classes were having an actual job in the field, and I lucked up pretty awesome. I'm now working at the sushi bar of the Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck here in Dallas. <3 I'm continuing my job there for the foreseeable future (at LEAST 5 years, I hope, but we'll see). A recent addition addition to our team there has encouraged me to finally start ACTUALLY learning Japanese. My boss at my job is also pretty awesome and I haven't stopped learning stuff from him since I got there. <3 I've also been picking up a lot of things about how to do sushi and more of the spirit of it all by working. Despite the stress I get from it sometimes, I actually do love my job. And, despite that I wasn't sure about sushi when I started, I don't think I really want to do anything else for my career at the moment. <3 I work pretty late and commute pretty far, so I don't have too much time after work to do much posting before I head off to sleep for another long day.


#99944 Retro Game Collecting Thread

Posted by MidgitLD on 11 October 2012 - 08:26 AM in Community Corner

Ey! This is my kind of thread! XD

A midgit's list of collection pieces: (In no certain order...)
-Sega Genesis (a 16 bit at that!)
I found it at a garage sale for a dollar with a controller. When I got home, it wouldn't play my games, though. They're 32 bit. XD;; Whoops!

-White Japanese Sega Saturn
An awesome souvener that I was given by a fellow NiD fan in Japan that I visited one year. I was also given a copy of NiGHTS and Christmas NiGHTS for it. They're currently the only two games I own for it and is the only time I played NiGHTS. It doesn't get much use since I can't read Japanese.

A generous gift from one of my older brothers after DAYS of begging. XD; I asked for it just to play Sonic Adventure 2 on. It was also the last DC that the store I bought it from had. Don't have very many games for it, but it's gotten plenty of use.

-Sega GameGear
I forget how I came into possession of this. I think it was a Christmas gift. I only owned a few games on it and I'm currently missing one of the battery covers, but it still works.

Christmas present from my day when I was but an uber wee midgit. It was my main console for a while and I refused to part with it when I bought the next system.

The reward of busting my tiny tush on a blueberry farm for an entire summer. XD It's a first gen model and still works like a charm.

Recently required from my roommate when it's harddrive got corrupted due to the power flickering so much one evening. All I have to do is replace the harddrive in it. <3

A tough little 1000 series model that's survived my college years, my moving to Texas, AND bricking. The screen has some slight damage in the background from getting too hot in my car one day, but it still runs like a trooper! One day, I'll get a better model to play on. (I'm 2torn between getting a later model PSP or upgrading to a Vita.)

Bought it off of a former friend before we split ways. Got a few of my faves on it, like Starfox, and acquired Battletoads for it. (SWEET pogosticking Primus, old school difficulty. D: )

Another later life purchase. I once owned the Best of the Year 1999 edition of LoZ: Ocarina of Time, but it was stolen (along with the entire system and a slew of other games) by one of my brother's past girlfriends. X_x I've gotten replacements for everything I lost, but still... Gold cartridge gone foreva... T^T

Bought off of another past friend before we parted ways. Run of the mill black casing. Become the temporary love of my life when MMX: Command Mission came out. <3

-Original Game Boy
the BRICK. Another later life purchase that was intended for my mother. It even has Tetris! I plan on repossessing it on my next trip home. XD

-Gameboy Advance
Bought when I was teenager so I could play MM Battle Network. Arctic White color.

First grey brick edition bought from a friend of another friend. The notch on the stylus is broken, so it's a challenge to keep track of it. I've been on the hunt for a replace since I bought it. I'm torn between retiring it with a 3DS or a 3DSXL...

I mainly collect systems that are connected to my childhood or are part of a line that I want to own. I still want an Xbox and 360, yet I'm iffy on the Wii is there's not much on it that appeals to me. I also still want to try and grab an American Saturn and some games for it, but that's on the backburner.

#99942 Reintroduction of the Elusive Wild LD!

Posted by MidgitLD on 11 October 2012 - 07:58 AM in Introduce Yourself

Good word, it has been, sorrowfully, an extremely long time since I've poked my head up around here. So long, in fact, that I don't see any of my old threads or posts!

So much fresh meat for the collective that I have no idea what to do with myself! (>*v*>)

A midgit harkens back from days of ancient yore before Trippies and Digis met, worked with the great SEGA, and started the Great Revolution moved the fandoms to sign petitions for new live for NiGHTS. Indeed, she is an old, old creature that remembers the middling days of Engelbaum, when it was known as WtaHM and was a much different manifest. XD

However, in modern times, she is still a grumpy, tiny thing that now swings knives and throws sushi at people for a living at a popular restaurant in Dallas, TX.

Random points of interest:
- Despite being a large fan of NiGHTS, I have rarely played the game
- Person first identified with the fanon Yellow Gen Canary Audacity (from the days of WtaHM)
- Remembers the second Great Closing of the board
- Has never met Trippy in person (SCOTTBEAN, I NEED TO ONE DAY REMEDY THIS! *makes grabby hands for* (<T^T<) )
- Has only been to Japan once, but has the dream to move there and live for five years... one day
- Posses an Associates degree in Applied Sciences from Le Cordon Bleu (USA - Dallas campus)
- Works as a line cook at a sushi bar in a popular Dallas restaurant (I cook things and occasionally get to roll sushi XD )

'Tis a pleasure to meet everyone, and maybe some new friends will be met in this new age.