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#95300 The LittleBigPlanet Thread

Posted by Lenneth on 22 January 2011 - 09:00 AM in Community Corner

I got LBP2 on Thursday(Pre-order, yay XD) and it's pretty amazing. The graphics have a more refined and colorful look now, the gameplay is even better
. Now all I'm still excited for is to see what people will create with the improved level creation, the self-created levels of the last one were already so cool . *-*

#90913 Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

Posted by Lenneth on 29 May 2010 - 11:33 AM in Community Corner

"We're not Digimon! We PROMISE!"

Why is everyone comparing them to Digimon? I don't see that much resemblance x____X They're both series about cute and not so cute monsters, but that's all and I think the new legendaries look a whole lot better than Dialga and Palkia, at least they don't look like robots XD

edit: Also it's a mind-screw! Why is the white Pokemon featured in black and the black one in white? I wanted white, but don't like this devil thingy as much D:

#90852 E3 2010 Discussion Thread

Posted by Lenneth on 24 May 2010 - 08:59 AM in Community Corner

Well since the last years of E3 were a bit sucky, I don't have that much expectations. Just show me a few screens of Zelda Wii and I'll be happy.^^ Oh and maybe Kirby Wii? Pretty please Q___q That would totally make my day.<3

#90745 Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

Posted by Lenneth on 16 May 2010 - 09:55 PM in Community Corner

I don't understand why Mijumaru(the otter) is getting so much hate... It's seems so adorable to me Q__q
Anyhow, some more movie bits on PokeSunday:

Seems like the sprites will move all the time. Not looking bad thus far, but it kinda bothers me that at least Entei still has his Platinum sprite, and I'm gonna bet it will be the same for all the old Pokemon. Gamefreak's gotten really lazy with sprites nowadays... Remember Gold and Silver, I mean the original versions? Where both games had different sprites for every Pokemon? I wish they'd bring that back D:

#90648 Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

Posted by Lenneth on 09 May 2010 - 09:30 AM in Community Corner

Hmm well at least they have interesting shapes. The middle one seems like a piggy to me and the right one like an otter. No idea about the left one though... Maybe some kind of mole/dinosaur thingy?xD And they also seem to be in the order which typing they have. A fire piggy seems kinda awkward to me... Roasted Bacon?O___O" Cruel world!

#90340 What Language Do You Speak?

Posted by Lenneth on 17 April 2010 - 01:24 PM in Community Corner

My native language is German, and I've learned speaking English in school, along with messaging with many english-speaking people.^^ Actually I've learned French as well, but I forgot most of it, since it's not exactly my favorite language. Chinese or Japanese on the other hand, would be languages I'm pretty intrested in.

#90301 Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

Posted by Lenneth on 15 April 2010 - 11:48 AM in Community Corner

I think it'll take me some time to get accostumed to the new perspective of the games, but it DOES look intresting to say the least. Although I'm a bit dissappointed by the fact that your Pokemon won't follow you like they did in HGSS and that the citys/landscapes don't look as vibrant. Seems like they chose a more technological look for the new region, which hopefully turns out good. It'll be a lot different from the other regions, since they looked so natural up until now. It also gives me the feeling that they'll cut every single old Pokemon from these games. I don't know why I get such weird thoughts from those screens, but maybe it's also that "restart" bit the developers talked about in an interview. Maybe it's also the fact that you don't see any Pikachu related Pokemon in those battle screens, which is kinda scary since it's their number 1 attention... uhm... no I'm not saying it, but yeah. Let's see what the next Pokemon Sunday will show us. There'll also be more informations in the CoroCoro issue coming May 15th.

edit: btw, just wanted to say that I think the male character looks fugly XD *the one standing in front of the house and the one in the cave must be the boy character I guess, otherwise it would get even more weird o.o*

#89817 New game back from the past

Posted by Lenneth on 19 March 2010 - 02:47 PM in Community Corner


Uhhm there's already a topic on this game?:3 But anyways, it's so mean that europe still has to wait a week>.< I've longed so long to play these games again, but at least I'll get SoulSilver on the release date cause I preordered it pretty early and I'll also get both the figures thanks to Amazon.^^

#89315 SO who has it?

Posted by Lenneth on 27 February 2010 - 08:23 AM in DON'T FORGET NiGHTS

Well after calculating my money needs for the coming month, I found out that I could actually effort the game right away XD Woo! Haven't played THAT much yet, but I think I really like it. Why is it that SEGA games are always totally gorgeous? It really makes me wonder how a NiGHTS track would have looked like... Ohhh I would pay another copy of the game, if we would get to race through Twin Seeds or Winter Spring Valley for it~! But I guess even if we get a NiGHTS track sometime, it would probably be modeled after a JoD stage... Anyhow, my favorite characters thus far are Amy and Banjo-Kazooie. Although the latter seems to have an awkward pace somehow, but maybe that's just my imagination XD

#89206 The Last Wave

Posted by Lenneth on 23 February 2010 - 04:51 PM in DON'T FORGET NiGHTS

Ugh I really feel ashamed for not sending the mail until now X___X I've been kinda busy with work all the time, had some issues with my friends, and I was recently robbed. But I promise to mail something right away now!

#89040 Owlboy

Posted by Lenneth on 18 February 2010 - 06:26 PM in Community Corner

Meh I know it's kinda weird to do this, since I know next to nothing about this game, but I just have to show you this:

It reminded a tad bit of NiGHTS, so I thought you guys might be interested :3

#88073 We didn't forget NiGHTS!

Posted by Lenneth on 02 February 2010 - 04:23 PM in DON'T FORGET NiGHTS

This is so great it can't even be put into words.... Thank you so much for listening to our pleas, SOL! :3 Can't wait to see NiGHTS gleefully starting every race, yay!

#88059 Fave Game(s) Of The Last Decade

Posted by Lenneth on 02 February 2010 - 03:38 PM in Community Corner

The seas were supposedly devoid of life for awhile after they flooded, which makes sense. The dead bodies of the people who didn't escape it would be countless, and would contaminate the water beyond livability. The Zoras thus, either A.) Died out, B.) Evolved into the Rito. There's several instances where B is hinted at, but in Phantom Hourglass, the Zora scale's description speaks as though the Zoras are still around.

I love the Zoras. They're my favorite race, by far, and they were quite beautiful in Twilight Princess.

Well you have quite a good point there EZEKiAL, but I doubt that Nintendo would think thaaaat far. The Evolution probably just took place to reflect the changes of the world overall, still I don't get why Gorons stayed the same then. They would be like the first ones to die in a flood! But then again, since TP they seemingly can breath underwater for whatever mystical, unknown reason, so meh. xD

#87994 Wizeman's Origins

Posted by Lenneth on 01 February 2010 - 11:07 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

Well I've got 2 theories to contribute:

1: Wizeman was brought into existance when humanity began to think about their dreams, and how they are portals to other worlds. Wizeman could have been born out of (surprise) nightmares! I mean if nobody would give a damn about their dreams and nightmares, there wouldn't be much purpose in Wizeman's existance, so it seems at least kind of logic for me. Wizeman would be to represent the repressed emotions in human minds/dreams, like fear, anger, sadness, etc.

2:This one would be pretty similiar to SmashQueen's idea. Wizeman was once a visitor, but he lost, or never had any ideya, and thus his soul became trapped in the night dimension. His real body never woke up, and out of anger that he could never ever return to the waking world, he gradually became mad and twisted and swore, that if he was forced to stay in this world, he would at least make it his own and force visitors to live through the same literal nightmare that had to.

But there's actually so many possibilities how he could have been created. This is really one of the most interesting things about NiGHTS into Dreams, making up own theories how everything could have happened.^^

#87993 Fave Game(s) Of The Last Decade

Posted by Lenneth on 01 February 2010 - 09:30 AM in Community Corner

It's sad that this decade had to end, since there were so many fun games in it! But my absolute favorites are:

TLoZ Majora's Mask: Oh god, I don't even know where to start! Never before had a game pulled me so deep into its world, every character lived its own life, there were so many mysteries about the land of Termina, and the whole game was packed with suspense. Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night, just to check if the moon is still on its right place. xD

Pokemon Crystal/Gold/Silver: Being a fan of the series (even the Anime, shame on me xD), I was totally thrilled to learn that there would be more pokemon and new lands to explore! G/S/C is probably the best part of the franchise, with the most awesome new pokemon, real time flow(change from day to night, and the different days of the week), a lot of side events, TWO regions to explore(I wish they would do that again... It's fun seeing what your character from the last game changed^^) and a micro computer! Damn the PokeGear was great, phoning trainers for a rematch, listening to the radio. I'm thrilled to see it again in the remakes. :blink:

Banjo-Tooie: Although I liked the worlds of Banjo-Kazooie a bit more, Tooie put up the gameplay by a notch. Being able to split Banjo and Kazooie gave you a whole lot of new possibilities, and the game was again filled with hilarious characters and some witty humor.

Star Fox Adventures: While drastically different from the rest of the series, it definately wasn't a bad thing. It was an adventure game to rival the Zelda franchise, with loads of interesting(and totally amazing looking, especially for a gamecube game) places to visit, a spicy - just right difficulty( it wasn't too easy or too hard, although it naturally had it moments as well.). If Rare was still with Nintendo a sequel would be a total must-have!

Super Mario Sunshine: Oh god am I the only one who thinks that this was one of the best Mario games? The whole tropical vacation theme was something I really appreciated. I mean there's not many platforming games where you can explore a burning village of tree people, or a haunted island resort, and even an amusement park! A lot of people complained there wasn't much diversity in the scenery but looking at it, I can't agree at all. Just because it's all on the same island, it not monotone at all in my oppinion! Still there's something I HAVE to complain about: the levels without that water pump thingy, were.too.frickin.hard!!!XD I'll never get all the shine sprites T__T

TLoZ Wind Waker: Gosh, this game was an up and down for me. Like really, at first I was totally in love with this game, then I despised it(Only because the Zoras were missing... I will never understand why Nintendo had to do THAT to them, if you played through the game you will know what I mean. ) But looking at it now, it definately is one of the best Zelda games todate, I think i even like it a bit more than OoT (but not more than MM xD). The cute and timeless graphics, the story, the setting and the characters, everything worked perfectly for me. A few more sidequests would have been great(especially since some islands didnt have much use), but I'm not going to be nitpicky on that.^^

Animal Crossing - Population Growing: Awwww I'm practically in love with this game... It's so full with nostalgia. None of the newer games in the franchise come even close to what this game is! The animals have a lot to talk to you about, there's so many events, it fills you with joy to see how your town changes over time.(Yeah going through every season and time of day is actually an interesting part of the game). Plus this game is so gimmicky, you can have your own tropical island(only if you have a GBA though, which is kinda sad D:), during the summer and winter months, animals will sometimes spend their holidays in your town in a tent or an igloo, there are many Nintendo references, and you can even play some of the old NES games in it! I would sacrifice everything I have for an english release of the E-Plus version of this game, which had even more funny animals, more insects and fish to catch, an island for each of your player characters, new events, new dialogues, new minigames, shopping until midnight(seeing Tom Nook in his pyjamas is awesome and cute!XD) and last but not least town decorations, like clocks, lanterns and so forth. Lucky japanese people!^^ Too bad we probably won't every again get an Animal Crossing like that...*looks at Let's Go To the City with big disgust*

Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire: These games are kinda on-tie with the second generation for me. While they lacked the cool day and night feature, they had some other interesting things, like contests, secret bases(man, I'm so obsessed with these! too bad they ruined them in D/P/Pl>.<) and some more diversity. I loved how every town was recognizable and had its own unique traits. Also, another tropical holiday paradise(somewhat...), yay! x3

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Surprise, yet another game cube game!xD Playing this with a friend is a blast, and wow, this game had some of the most beautiful graphics seen on the GC. While not as packed with story as regular FF games, it still has its own fitting history, and not having shoved tons of story down your throat, has some good sides as well, since you can put in more details with your imagination. :3 A bit like with NiD.

Soul Calibur 3: A perfect Beat-em-up game in my oppinion. Great visuals(not to mention all the hawt guys, rawr x3), fun gameplay, and that Chronicles of the Sword, or whatever it's called, campaign was something fresh and neat to see in the franchise. Too bad they didn't do something similiar for SC4... Oh and of course character costumization was really cool, especially since there was so much stuff to buy and unlock for it.

Super Mario Galaxy: Another great Mario game. This one was also really different from the rest, with its wacky physics and the emotional story. I guess most people would laugh it me, if I told them that a Mario game almost brought me to tears. D: But really, anyone who has a Wii, and doesn't own this game yet, buy it. It's definately the best Wii game yet.

Eternal Sonata: Why do some of my favorite games get mowed down by critics? In Eternal Sonata's case it's really something I can't understand. This piece of art has the single most amazing video game score I've ever heard. Another strong point is the story, which is well, at first a little cliché but it gets a whole lot better later on. And again there's things for your interpretation, especially concerning the ending. Also there's some great philosophy going on over the course of the game. But before I forget, I also have too mention how likeable the characters are, and it doesn't help that the whole game is in wonderful anime-esque art style, you just can't despise them. I got especially attached to Polka-chan, poor girl...

Katamari-Franchise: I just couldn't pick a game out of it, because they're all awesome(although Beautiful Katamari is probably the worst out of them), funny and cute characters, over the top music and animation, and great gameplay, even though the concept is as simple as just rolling around a ball to make it larger. You have to play it, to believe how great it is!

Folklore: You could call this a drastically different take on Pokemon. But it's way more. You're exploring the village Doolin/Lemrick and various different underworlds with two characters(a young woman named Ellen, who's looking for the truth about her dead mother and visits the village of Doolin or Lemrick in the japanese original, after she receives a letter from her, and a occult magazine reporter named Keats, who goes to Doolin/Lemrick, after a mysterious phone call), the stories intervine at some points, and let me tell you, the surreal but beautiful landscapes combined with the intriguing story, the believable characters, and not so believable underworld characters(which look like they could be straight out of a Tim Burton Movie xD), it's definately an experience you don't want to miss.

And last but not least, Flower: The freedom of flight from a whole new perspective. This game is even similiar to NiD, not only that you fly through beautiful landscapes, but it also tells its story without any dialogue. Well okay, flowers don't usually talk, but that's not the point! The PS3 Six-Axis Controls probably contribute to the over all experience as well, but not as much as the realistic grass fields, the sound of the wind, and the music that slightly changes, the farther you progress in each chapter.

Another honorable mention is NiGHTS JoD, but since almost everyone here probably knows it, I'm not gonna write about it. That or I'm just getting a tad bit lazy now xD

#87990 What game are you playing at the moment?

Posted by Lenneth on 01 February 2010 - 08:14 AM in Community Corner

Okay, first of all, because of christmas, there's looooooooooooooads of games I have to play now(not that I'd mind, since I don't have any real hobby outside gaming*cough*).

Bayonetta(360 version) (Gosh I can clearly see why this game was so hyped for. The gameplay is totally addicting, I mean even farming halos is fun, and that's something to say, that farming is fun! Oh and I really like the story too, I've only played through chapter 7 yet, but it makes me all the more curious for more. Although that Joy-Angel, kinda disturbed me...)
A Boy and His blob(Wii) (Awwww, uber cuteness! It kinda feels like playing your favorite childhood movie, and offers some unexpected challenges!)
Star Ocean First Departure(PSP) (I don't like it as much as Second Evolution, which had more intriguiging characters in my oppinion, but it's still pretty intresting.)
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World(Wii) (Besides reviews saying that it would be pretty crappy, I just had to play it since I loved the first game. Thus far I like it pretty much, but the art style bothers me a bit. Not that it would be bad, but some things like textures, seemed better in the original game XD)
Tales of Vesperia(360) (It looks sooo lovely, but I didn't play it too much yet)
Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (this one is driving me nuts, it's waaaaaaay too hard for me>.<)

#87989 NiGHTS as Flag Man

Posted by Lenneth on 01 February 2010 - 07:55 AM in DON'T FORGET NiGHTS

Wow, this is certainly better than nothing. NiGHTS being playable would have been great, but I think NiGHTS is perfect for this job. :blink: Congratulations to everyone, for achieving so much!

#87988 Epic mayhem approaching :D Alton Towers...

Posted by Lenneth on 01 February 2010 - 07:37 AM in [ARCHiVED] Events, campaigns and news

Well this certainly seems like fun, I hope you two will enjoy your trip.^^ And if there's guy in a Sonic costume, you gotta take a picture of yourselves with him! :3