Sadly not many official or Doujin comics were available for public sale, infact none at all here in Europe, despite me whining at STC Fleetway on a regular basis.
If you have any non hentai (adult) doujin or foreign comics i've missed that you can scan, then email me and share with the rest of us!
Published Licensed Comics and Published Fan Doujinshi:
THIRD- By Koushi Rikudou
By Koushi Rikudou
Issues 1-3
NiGHTS into Dreams Ser.1 (1-3)
Archie Comics
Issues 4-6
NiGHTS into Dreams Ser.2 (4-6)
By Archie Comics

Sega Game Gag 1P.
Sega Game Gag 1P.
By Various Artists
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