The Great NiGHTS Giveaway Competition

PAL copy of NiGHTS~ Journey of Dreams:

CD sound samplers:

Japanese Posters:
Matt Harmon

Julian Hazeldine
Matthew Waters
Saifer Dracondrali

-Winners have all been contacted by email and will soon recieve their prizes in the mail. Thanks for playing!

So you may remember back in January SEGA came to our old house with a Dev Wii and let us play JoD before release. Well we were bestowed multiple Journey of Dreams goodies to use as we wished and due to much mayhem and stuff I've finaly been able to sit down and actualy DO SOMETHING with it. I mean i could just keep it all to myself (buh) but thats no fun and not fair. I WANT TO THROW IT AT YOU ALL. Because mamma TRiPPY can.

It's quite cool rare stuff too that isn't available for general public sale. So if you want to get your hands on some rare NiGHTS merch listen up!

Up for grabs thanks to SEGA we have:

PAL copy of JoD
1 sealed PAL Wii copy of NiGHTS Journey of Dreams
(obviously wont work on an American NTSC Wii)

7 Journey of Dreams NiGHTS glow in the dark sticker sets!
Didn't go into production outside of SEGA so VERY limited and super rare!!

3 RARE JoD huge glossy Japanese Wall posters!
(Remember the big one Iizuka signed for us?)

Soundtrack samplers
2 REALLY RARE JoD soundtrack sampler disks.
Not for sale. They have 2 tracks and never left SEGA Europe until NOW. Zohoho.

Right, now due to the fact some of you might (by some chance) already own bits of this merch yourself, it would be kind of unfair to take the chance away from another fan who doesn't. So what i want you all to do when entering the competition is only enter for the items you don't already have. Or in the case of the JoD PAL copy, don't enter unless you can use/actualy collect region games/or dont already have it. I'm not giving these away so that you can resell them. That sort of defeats the purpose of this goodie giveaway.

This stuff would probably go for quite a lot on Ebay so be aware that what you're getting is the kind of stuff collectors would shell out on due to rarity.
I might not be able to post it all straight away because i have a monster gas bill to pay this month. But rest assured i will take good care of it until i can grab some poster tubes and envelopes. All winners names and addresses will be written down. The competition will run up until the end of June. So you have plenty of time to get your entries in. No double entries under different names. Be fair to your fellow NiGHTS fans.

Easy! Just answer this simple question-
In NiGHTS -Journey of Dreams, what are the full names of the two human dreamers?

Easypeasy! Now all you have to do is email us at: with your answer and a list of the above prizes that you want to be entered for.

The answer is Britney Spears and Bob Dole!
I would like my name to be added to the following prize draws:
game, stickers, poster

All names will be written down, thrown into NiGHTS' hat, shook around a good bit and then pulled out. One prize per person only! In the event that someones name is pulled out twice in different draws they will go back into the hat and another person will be pulled out. Fair and square. Staff can enter due to the fact that we'll be recording the prize draw and showing no cheaty marlarky is afoot. Luck of the draw. Winners will be notified and listed on this page, I'll contact you after the draw for your postal details.

Best of luck and spread the word amongst your fellow NiGHTS fans!
Thanks SEGA ^^

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