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A rare once in a lifetime chance to own a 40% beta of the original Saturn game came into our hands. The community decided to group together to secure this rare piece of NiGHTS history from falling into the hands of a generic collector. But the asking price was very high... a mighty $1500.00. With only 40 hours to raise that amount of cash we were rescued by one of the most generous fans to ever be a part of this fanbase- TRAViS.
TRAViS took it upon himself to blow his entire savings on purchasing this incredible find so that all of us could learn more about the original game we love so much. He didn't do it to brag or to keep it hidden away, he done it for every fan reading this and for NiGHTS. I think this is something of a declaration on how much NiGHTS fans mean business.

As soon as work begins on seeing what gems of information this game will bring us we will keep you up to date via the Hacking page (coming soon).
In the meantime i encourage you all to donate any sort of money you can to TRAViS to help replace his savings. He may be a hardcore gamer but even gamers need to eat and live.

 "All right then. Here comes the inevitable request. As you all know this almost completely drained my life savings and since many of you were willing to pool some money in the first place, here's your chance to help out. Large sums or pennies, every little bit most certainly helps. There'll be a PayPal donation button soon on the site, but in the meantime I'll provide my email address for those who prefer to send direct.

Now, I have absolutely no idea of how I'd be able to show my appreciation or give something in return for every donation, but I can certainly try and figure something out. If I think of something (or someone suggests something and I go with it) I'll keep you all posted. In the meantime, attach a message to any transaction with your registered forum username so I can know what's coming from where and record it.

I use my personal email with Paypal:

Like I said, any little bit is appreciated and will be logged. Thank you in advance to whoever steps forward."


Do your bit to help him out and in turn he will help us.




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