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DreamCast Show 1

18 September; Author: TRiPPY


DreamCast – Return to The Dream- Show 01
07 April 2007 13:47


On tonight's show we discuss the news regarding Journey Of Dreams and compare it to things we knew during early development. We also talk a bit about the Sega project we worked on and what's going on with the website. Throw a couple of songs in there and you have a very nice first show.



One Response to “DreamCast Show 1”

  1. I have to say… I am a big fan of podcasts and listen to more podcasts than music, now.

    The online scene of NiGHTS is something that is still a bit of a novelty to me, so there being a podcast about it is already pretty cool.

    Furthermore, you guys are amazing. You're funny, smart, smoothly energetic (meaning you're energetic but you don't spazz out every 5 seconds), and seem to work very well with each other.

    I really enjoyed this first show I listened yesterday, from 12AM to 1somethingAM. I was laughing throughout the whole thing.

    Loved this, guys ; )

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