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30 November; Author: TRiPPY

Hand made items by the fans. Some of the artists are available for commission, so if you like something you see, be sure to hunt down the person responsible on the forums. If you have anything to add to the collection please submit it  [ HERE ].




6 Responses to “Crafts”

  1. qwerty1 says:

    Thats cool

  2. The Sleeping Pian says:

    das really good bro! u should make more!

  3. The Sleeping Pian says:

    ^ oh and i was talking about the Jackle's room mainly, but everything else is also extra supa fantabulous!

  4. Maggie says:

    " Kichi can mold plastic like Will's dad can creep people out."

  5. The Sleeping Pian says:

    That black and white wip model kinda looks like a great idea for a NiGHTS action figure! Anyone?
    Either way, excellent work!

  6. hello community! on this occasion I wanted to introduce myself!!! I made Reala and Jackle sculptures, drawings, sketches and more !! I leave my link to instagram to see my other works and drawings of Nights! See you soon! :) :) :) https://www.instagram.com/gisel__marquez/

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