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Studio Imagni TV

18 November; Author: TRiPPY

Welcome to the Studio Imagni Livestream channel! Here you can watch live and prerecorded shows all about our comicbook Engelbaum, NiGHTS into Dreams and other random malarky. To connect to the chat just click on the chat logo – note the chat function will only be available during live shows. If you've missed a show, just click on the 'on demand' button and start from the oldest recordings at the bottom.
Feel free to leave comments below for things you'd like to see in the future and I'll see what I can do.
*PARENTAL WARNING: Also be aware because this is a live recording it's probably not suitable for young viewers due to random swearywords (come on, it's DiGi afterall).

Other than that, enjoy!


One Response to “Studio Imagni TV”

  1. Kayelan says:

    I was expecting NiGHTS to be in racers too! I sure hope they do maybe put NiGHTS in! But like you said, NiGHTS may not be playable. And I kinda had a feeling after watching the trailer and founding out more about the game. Why would they not put NiGHTS in racers when he/she was in tennis?! I say NiGHTS was replaced by a fat purple cat! Not cool! My lil'sister and I major NiGHTS freaks (I am a major Reala fan too!) and are furious….. >=(
    Oh my gosh, are you serious!?! You'll burn you ENTIRE collection?!?!?!?! Don't do that!!! I'd be devastated to see it burn, it's a very beautiful collection!! It's a one and only collection you'll ever own! I don't think you're being stupid at all, it shows that you are truly serious about NiGHTS being in the game! So I'll help support NiGHTS by sending SEGA a letter before it's too late. I'll even draw a NiGHTS picture and post it on Deviantart and ask for those who can support NiGHTS! Cause I'm serious too! But you guys more serious though. But if NiGHTS does make it, I'll still be very upset watching the collection burn…
    Good luck to you guys, Kayelan =]

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