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Fan Music

17 November; Author: TRiPPY

Something that really stood out about the NiGHTS games was the beautiful music. This lead to some incredible remixes by fans over the years. Music can inspire and move a person, a universal artistic tool, another way that people can convey a scene in their head or an emotion that can't be put on paper. So here is our archive of NiGHTS fan created music. I encourage you all to give this section a good listen and to submit your own tracks in our forums for inclusion
. Also- don't forget to check out the artists' home pages to listen to more of their music. Support our musicians!



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  1. Lyric the cat says:

    Hello, I hope you can read this, I just wanted to recommend a fan song that I don't know if you know. This is called Stay dreams Stay and if was composed by youtuber/independent artist Victor McKnight along with his collaborators Noah McKnight and Thora Daughn, I must say that it is a beautiful song and it respects very well the essence of Nights but unfortunately it has not had the visibility what do you deserve 

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