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26 September; Author: TRiPPY

(Official U.S NiD) In their dreams Elliot and Claris have seen NiGHTS, a being capable of flying freely through the sky and performing the trickiest of aerial acrobatics. But what is NiGHTS? A spirit? A memory? Whatever he, she or it is, NiGHTS plays an important part in the upcoming battle with the evil Wizeman.



(Official JP NiD) Nightmaren of the first level created as Wizeman's right-hand man. Having the craziness of the original Nightmaren, the free wild character of this individual suffers much misfortune. Wizeman's spell is cast, confining the creature to the space of a dream. NiGHTS excels in flight ability compared to the other Marens. NiGHTS can fly as freely through the air as a fish swims the sea. If NiGHTS flies in a circle a hole can be made in the air, creating a deadly paraloop. Furthermore, since it's body can also be changed at will with shapeshifting, there's no place NiGHTS cannot venture to such as underwater or ice. Will the day come when NiGHTS will be released from Wizeman's spell and be free to fly the skies again?



(Official U.S JoD) NiGHTS enjoys flying freely through the beautiful skies of Nightopia. Full of curiosity, NiGHTS loves anything new or unusual. When Wizeman, the evil ruler of Nightmare, attempts to take over Nightopia, NiGHTS is compelled to help Will and Helen fight back and restore peace to the land.




28 Responses to “NiGHTS”

  1. Shego13 says:

    NiGHTS looks so beautiful in the character. In fact, he/she manage to save the world,and dreams from Wizeman a couple of times. The only reason why NiGHTS happened to be a nightmaren becasue Wizeman created him/her. But when he/she heard about Wizeman's plan, NiGHTS decided to stop him and fly freely for freedom and happiness. With the help of the visitors, NiGHTS put an end to Wizeman's evil plan. As these days passes, and continue to spread peace across Nightopia, he/she can no longer being a nightmaren because of his/her heroic deeds. As the matter of fact, NiGHTS known as a Nightopian hero. Liked by the Nightopians.

  2. NIGHT says:

    Hiya!!nice to meet you this is the first time i looking at your website and it is very impresive perfection you got there like video,pics,fan and ect XD.

  3. kira says:

    i love nights its so cool i said it cos nights is genderless !!!:)

  4. blueanatomy says:

    I am so addicted with this even to the songs. It boosts up my imagination. It really helps a lot when I'm stressed. Even if I'm a young adult, childhood memories would always be the best and thanks to SEGA and Sonic Team for creating this game. Hope they could make this game in PC, I really wish this could go in PC games. Thanks

  5. HoLLYN8 says:

    I know NiGHTS is genderless, but since NiGHTS looks soooooo much like a girl I like to call NiGHTS a she.^-^ I LOVE NiGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

  6. Midan 1998 says:

    he or she is very pretty i love NiGHTS

  7. ReaLiTY the Fanmaren says:

    Yay! I love her… but I like Reala more ;)

  8. brunoutte says:

    i like the game the nights is my favorite character of the game

  9. dana says:

    i like this game its cool

  10. dana says:

    i like this game and nights is my favorite character in the game

  11. kristopher says:

    my favorite charater is nights

  12. dark samus says:

    i have liked this game is cooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll hehehehhe

  13. dark samus says:

    hehehe nights is cool

  14. Moon says:

    when I beat the game and found all the ideya and NiGHTS died…i cried..i literally cried..it was so sad TTT~TTT

  15. Shadow says:

    Nights is so cool,every time i refer Nights as a he,and i defend the opinion that Nights is a male,because for me he almost doesn`t have anything female,the people says that he is female because of his voice,wake up people,some people apeal saying that nights have breast,a ballerina body,girl shape,etc.This is lie Nights doesn`t have this,and i keep saying Nights is a male!!!!!!!

  16. thatNiGHTSfan says:

    To be honest, I'm FRUSTRATED with the fight for NiGHTS's f—ing gender. NiGHTS is genderless GEN-DER-LESS!!!!!!!! HE IS HOWEVER YOU SEE HIM

  17. Kaiser says:

    I love NiGHTS! I perfer NiGHTS a girl. She is on of my top 6 most favorite character!

  18. Gifted says:

    I got bored with the fight of NiGHTS gender, it isn't my fault they are to lazy to read what Sega itself said.
    I haven't played NiGHTS Into Dreams, but i played Journey of Dreams, i even made a story based off it. 
    NiGHTS is one of the games i will love until Dead do us Part <3. i only have one request from Sega. Make one in Full 3D, i hate the 2D

  19. Opalthewolffox says:

    I refuse to believe NiGHTS is a male or genderless. NO IT HAS TO BE A FEMALE. BECAUSE OF EVERYTHING. XD
    Anyways, yes, NiGHTS has to be my fav charrie of this game. ^w^ She is niceness. I dont like nightmares LOL

  20. LuminaFlowlight says:

    The truth is that NiGHTS has a special meaning for me. More than a fiction character created by a genius (Yuji Naka), NiGHTS is the symbol of dreams. Even if he/she's not real, NiGHTS exists in our dreams and protects us from Nightmares. All of us should have a different image of NiGHTS; he's an angel for me, and I consider him a boy (at least for me).
    NiGHTS must never be forgotten. Someone should write a book about it.
    (Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish!)

  21. NiGHTSbigfan says:

    will i know that NiGHTS IS genderless but i really like to call she as a girl and i never played one from here games but when i saw the last part of her game ( journey of dreams) that she dead! i really fetl sad and even cried :( . i only have one Question is there is another game of NiGHTS? ( i wish if there is one)

  22. Cyclone says:

    i always call NiGHTS a she all because she wear pants and when sega make a fictional game the girl almost always have pants. But anyway NiGHTS is one of my favorite sega charater, i loved both of the NiGHTS game and i hope they make another one soon

  23. Spade says:

    Nights is Genderless nights is male with will and elliot and female with helen and claris

  24. HedgehogNiGHTS says:


  25. Grace says:

    Me and my cousin likes NiGHTS and we keep playing skits of the game. And I think Nights is a girl and you could tell his/her voice is a female. But nights is genderless.
    (STRANGE ISN'T IT??? :P )

  26. SonicR3 says:

    I am brazilian. I love NiGHTS. I not have problem in see NiGHTS as "it". NiGHTS is a spirit of the youth. It is not a human. "it" is a spirit of the dreams. But in my Portuguese language in Brazil, "it" is equal to "he", because our South American language is very difficult and has much separative genre. So here in Brazil I call NiGHTS as "isso" (it) and "ele" (he) that in my language is equal. My language is very different and confused.

  27. ChupiTrooper says:

    All the nooks and crannies to explore within NiGHTS' character are truly mesmerizing.
    I love how the decision to make them genderless was in an effort to allow players to form their own perceptions of NiGHTS and allow them to go into their adventure seamlessly regardless of demographic, therefore connecting to them further. Not to mention all the little touches in their design, like the jester hat horns, ringleader's uniform, and that endearing purple/white/pink color scheme giving of that feeling of charm and whimsy.
    Sincerely hoping I see them in my dreams someday! 'Till then, I'll take all the lucid dreaming advice I can, and see to it this handsome devil drops by to lend a hand!

  28. Shego13 says:

    I'm strongly believe that NiGHTS is a "she" due to her feminine voice.

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