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NiGHTS into Webcomics

21 July; Author: Dex la Cabra

You can also see these pages at the Tumblr page and on Tapas!


NiGHTS into Webcomics

The comic covering the events of "NiGHTS into Dreams…". 


Seasonal Sequel

The comic might have covered "NiGHTS into Dreams…", but there's still "Christmas NiGHTS" and all of the other seasonal goodies it brings!


Special Pages

These pages were made on festive periods but weren't a part of the "Seasonal Sequel", they came out alongside the comics regular schedule.


9 Responses to “NiGHTS into Webcomics”

  1. oki_the_great says:

    These are actually really nice! I enjoy the art style and I love that the colors are vibrant and really pop out, true to the NiGHTS style. It's nice to have them more on the short and lighthearted side. I hope there will be more in the near future! :D

  2. HUNNiD says:

    Those were awesome! Only the first 3 pages are available at the moment as I'm writing this, but I already can't wait to read more!

  3. kenji says:

    It is nice everytime we got more fanzines of Nights, the art is great and the char have a interesting personality. Great!

  4. MC.Gemstone says:

    it was great I love it :D

  5. iLLViLLAiN says:

    This is way past cool. It's like… like… mondo cool! Please keep this up.

  6. Buals says:

    The incompetent Claris and Elliot in the halloween comic are now my headcannons for their personalities.

  7. iLLViLLAiN says:

    Haha Silly Reala. Best Christmas sweater ever! The last panel is priceless.

  8. SailorTardis says:

    The red idea's gone. That's really not good. Didn't see that coming!
    Can't wait to see how they deal with this!

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