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DreamCast 11 – Not Show 12

10 September; Author: TRiPPY

DreamCast – Not show 12- Show 11
  9th September 2010



Well we decided on a whim to record a totally RANDOM and mostly off topic show. 40 something minutes of just us talking about anything we can think of. We talk a bit about NiGHTS, a bit about SEGA, a lot about Derren Brown and a small amount about sandwich fillings.  We'll probably do more shows like this in the future :)
Warning for the little 'uns – contains a lot of bad language.



2 Responses to “DreamCast 11 – Not Show 12”

  1. Arctides says:

    …. Damn it, now I want a sandwich.
    Though, on a serious note, yes a port of the original NiGHTS would be nice before they even considered a NiGHTS 3.  Frankly, Iizuka shouldn't be allowed near the franchise again… JoD had some nice ideas, but it was poorly executed.  That and there's already a pile of complaints against him for what he's done to the Sonic franchise.
    Also, NiGHTS, while being one of my favorite franchises, doesn't have the initial market that some of SEGA's other franchises have.  We know who NiGHTS, Claris, Elliot, Wizeman and so forth are, but your average gamer doesn't.  Those who remember the game and aren't part of your forums or another fansite often have.. interesting ideas of what the game.  I remember reading one review of the original game that said NiGHTS' species was referred to as  "A Night", for example, and quickly shook my head because this was the kind of gamer who didn't have the sense to READ THE GAME'S INSTRUCTION MANUAL.  The sad part is a lot of consumers are like this.
    Personally, I'd like to see NiGHTS' popularity and image bolstered before any new games were made, so people could appreciate the character and the franchise as much as a dedicated NiGHTS fan.  Something outside of the games that could draw in people's attention, I mean.  For example, maybe a rebooted comic series?  I know a lot of people still CRINGE at what Archie did back in the 90s, but they've got a good new writer (Ian Flynn) behind the wheel on Sonic's comics, and it's likely his abilities could be extended to the NiGHTS franchise.  I'm sure there are better ways to promote NiGHTS, however I can't think of many off the top of my head.
    …. You can totally tell I've been doing my grad school work too much by looking at this analyzation.  If you guys need any ideas or resources, let me know.  Full Sail's done a good job so far of training me :|

  2. MC.Gemstone says:

    7 years later everything change!

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