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My professional art portfolio website

15 July; Author: TRiPPY

A bit of a cheeky update but an update all the same. I'm currently building my client database as a freelance professional artist so if you represent a company and need workers on a commercial project, be sure to check out my online portfolio


I know a lot of creative companies pass through here so no harm in a bit of self promotion. Got to pay the bills to keep this site running afterall.

I'm not currently taking on any personal commission requests for individuals unless it's in a commercial nature. I am highly skilled at illustration, graphic design, concept work and all round creativity. If your website needs a regular comic feature, you need graphics for a product or a mascot designed – I'm your lady. Please see my site for contact details and more information. Thank you~

Lynne Triplett (TRiPPY)


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  1. Lifeforms says:

    hey trippy congrats on the job – talent waiting to be found!

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