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DreamCast Show 9

18 September; Author: TRiPPY


DreamCast – Development woes- Show 09
27 May 2009 23:18


A good old group discussion about JoD's development problems. INTERNATIONAL STYLE. Drama, excitement and brothers being mistaken for dogs. Why go anywhere else?



2 Responses to “DreamCast Show 9”

  1. MidnightDragoon says:

    I apologize if I sound like a troll/flamer/etc., but the MP3's a bit off (shows the DreamCast's ad for the site instead of the 9th show).

  2. PeachyPie says:

    I really wish I could've seen the files found in the game, by the time I heard about all this, they were taken down.
    I don't know anyone who has the ability to hack games, but I hope I can see all this eventually…

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