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DreamCast Show 6

18 September; Author: TRiPPY


DreamCast – SEGA comes to town- Show 06
22 January 2008 02:24



It's not every day SEGA comes to your house to promote a new NiGHTS game. And as a result this show is nearly 2 hours long! Featuring ArchangelUK, JOFiNiN, DeZ, and all us other regular idiots. Music, lols and DiGi and i's overall thoughts on Journey of Dreams. Don't miss it!



3 Responses to “DreamCast Show 6”

  1. Filipe Monteiro says:

    I found myself taking off my headphones at points to prevent spoileriffic boss tips and such =P

    Great show, I love this podcast. Thanks for this, DiGi and TRiPPY =)

  2. OWLCiTiZEN says:

    Ten days after my birthday! Awesome!

  3. MC.Gemstone says:

    this one is favourite when I ever I feel sad I will go and see this! :)

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